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9MC Vintage, Davida's US Distributor, will be releasing the new road-legal version of Davida's Speedster helmet at IMS in New York, December 9th-11th,2016.

New for 2017, The Speedster v3 fulfils Davida's long-held ambition to produce a road-legal version of its original Speedster, one of first open face helmets Davida produced more than 26 years ago, whilst an improvement on the original 70's helmets, it remains genuinely reminiscent of these  early jet-style helmets.

Achieving dual certification on an exceptionally low profile helmet required an innovative revision of Davida's original Speedster's construction using advanced 'orbital lamination' manufacturing techniques of our GRP composite helmet shells combined multi density EPS shock absorption liners.

The improved interior-liner design delivers a new level of helmet personalisation. The removable leather liner can be retro fitted with after-market Liner Kits available in 5 different colours, black, brown, ZNut brown, ROX blood red and white.

Davida MD David Fiddaman says: "The technical team at Davida UK has put all of its 40 years manufacturing experience into our latest road-legal helmet, the Davida Speedster v3. So we are very excited that our US Distributor, 9MC Vintage is able to launch this new product at the IMS Show in New York."

Fiddaman explains, "We have greatly advanced the way we manufacture GRP composite helmet shells in order to retain the same low profile shape so that the Davida Speedster v3 now satisfies the demands of the highest modern ECE R22-05 & DOT safety standards & is certified for road use within the majority of countries covered by the Davida global dealer network, including the US."

 The Davida Speedster V3 features:

  • Certified to ECER22-05 & DOT FMVS No 218
  • 3 shell & 3 EPS liner sizes that allow 6 helmet sizes from XS (53) to XXL (61)
  • Traditional low profile, 'orbital laminated' GRP Composite shell.
  • Multi density EPS shock absorption liner.
  • Removable and interchangeable, full leather lined interior.
  • After market Liner Kits available in 5 different colours
  • Optional studs for fitting visors and peaks.
  • Goggle strap retainer

The new Speedster v3 fulfils Davida's long-held ambition to produce a road-legal version of its Speedster, a jet-style helmet with a 26-year heritage that is highly evocative of the 1970s. The result is certified for road use within the majority of countries covered by the Davida global dealer network.



Davida helmets are aesthetically very pleasing, they're beautifully put together, and as is widely known, have a world-wide reputation for being a far superior-fitting helmet that can deliver a supreme level of comfort & unrivalled performance, eliminating lift at speed & ensuring an exceptionally quiet ride. For all of this though, SpeedsterV3, Davida Jet and Ninety 2 helmets are at the end of the day a safety product, designed to be highly effective in their primary function of protection.

There are numerous reasons why you can be truly confident in the integrity of your Davida helmet and that they are more than capable of giving you the level of protection on the road required by the Safety Certifications they carry. 

Every Davida helmet is hand crafted in the UK at our factory by our team of highly skilled and dedicated technicians. No part of the helmet manufacturing process is automated by a machine. Creating a Davida helmet is highly labor intensive, requiring it to be passed through many hands all the way through production.  Virtually all our staff has worked for Davida for over a decade, many for twice as long as that and some have spent their whole working life serving the company for more than 30 years. Together, the staff at Davida have more than a century of experience in producing the highest quality, hand-crafted motorcycle helmets.

From production of each and every helmet component, all the way through to the delivery; every action and process within Davida UK is tracked and monitored on a daily basis according to the ISO 9001 regulations.  In addition, an authorized and independent ISO 9001 expert regularly undertakes inspections at our factory to ensure everything that happens here within Davida UK exactly follows and meets the ISO 9001 requirements.

Being a ISO 9001 accredited company is not required by UK or European law, but a voluntary discipline Davida has chosen.  It gives us, as the manufacturer, and you as the customer wearing our safety products, the reassurance that every Davida helmet we produce is a product of exceptional quality.

Davida stands confident and are proud of the integrity of each and every high quality helmet we produce here in the UK.  Independently Tested to DOT FMVS No 218, BS:6658 Type B 1985 & ECER22-05.  Not every Jet, Speedster V3 or Ninety 2 helmet made at Davida is sold. From every batch a proportion is sent to be independently tested to destruction to ensure your Davida helmet will perform to the highest standards.  

Davida products are available from Davida dealers around the world

www.davida-helmets.com. T:+44 (0)151 647 2419.    Email:sales@davida.co.uk

USA Distributor; 9MC Vintage www.9mcvintage.com (864) 649-MOTO (6686)