1973 Moto Guzzi V7 Sport

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This 1973 V7 Sport was a new frame for Moto Guzzi, and the V7 Sport was their top of the line offering, but was probably overshadowed by the very popular first year Eldorado 850. The V7 Sport had a 750cc engine, but this one has 900cc (non-nikasil) cylinders, and is a very healthy runner.

It sat dormant for nearly 30 years next to our police G5 1000 Guzzi. Both bikes are now happy, useable motorcycles though the police Guzzi has recently met its new Alabama owner.

The V7 Sport has been in the shop for a very long time–low compression on one cylinder, ugly wiring, no brakes and a gummy fuel system were stopping me from bringing her to life.


I had hoped to wake her up on my 38th birthday, but the parts hadn’t come in. So the day after my birthday, the bike came to life and while it still essentially had no brakes, I couldn't help but run it around Greenville for a few miles with a chase truck behind me in case of spontaneous combustion, flat tire, random parts falling off, etc.

A left cylinder valve job later, and a few tweaks, leaves it only needing some front brake sorting and new rubber. If you are particularly in the know, you will see it has a 1974 750s front end. I have the 4ls drum front end sitting, waiting, lurking. The disk looks tough, but I'll run it this way for a while anyways. Might need it with that extra 150cc pushing me along............. 


  • Posted on by Meyer

    Yo Kirk – sweet bike! how’s she running these days? I need to get over there and see what else you got cookin’!

  • Posted on by Pravin

    I own a 2010 Stelvio ABS. The only niggle I had was the fuel range and the 2011 slevos that issue. The Stelvio is a superb machine and should be considered by anyone looking in the Adventure’ market.

  • Posted on by Sebastian

    Great bike, I think everyone shloud go out and test ride a V7 and discover Moto Guzzi for themselves.Can’t wait to see what the pure white version looks like in person. Mike

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