Put on the brakes

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Well, as anticipated, the brakes have turned into a complete headache.    I pulled off the master cylinder and it was full of shit... just gritty nasty black stuff.   So I went ahead and dismantled it.  Anytime the word "mallet" is used as a recommended way to disassemble something i get a bit concerned. I did, however, get the cylinder out to inspect it, I cleaned it with brake cleaner and steel wool (avoiding the rubber and scarring it) and then once complete I went for the reinstall.  

I'm not sure what "special tool" 9 is, but I didn't have it.   So while pushing it in i completely mangled the stop washer which I have highlighted in the picture below

So with that now broken I went ahead and ordered a complete rebuild kit for the front and rear brakes and stainless steel brake lines.   I also threw in a windshield on the order... I mean honestly who is going to be pulled over by a police bike with no windshield!   My master plan is still coming together!

Parts arrive tomorrow and should everything check out will be road worthy over the weekend!


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