Davida Goggle Comparison - Retro Special vs Retro Standard

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If you are here it's because you are wondering what the hell the $60 difference is between the Davida Retro Special and the Davida Retro Standard.  I don't blame you!   From most of the pictures they are exactly the same, so why would we carry both.   Well, here's the thing, they are both rad goggles.  They both come in the same identical packaging.  They both have three sets of lenses (gunmetal, yellow, and clear) and they are both really nice. We also carry the Retro Pilot from Davida which is what I personally wear.   They are much more "ski goggle" than these two, and could I afford the Special or Standard I would probably have those as a primary and the Pilots as a secondary... but I digress!   We are talking about these two pairs of fairly radical riding goggles.

First of all they aren't the same shape.   From most pictures they look pretty much identical but they aren't.   The Specials are slightly larger giving a tad more visibility and coverage for your face.

They second big item is the headband attachment.   The standard basically loop to the frame, but the special actually connects to a ring which connects to the frame.  This may seem trite, but if you are wearing these with a helmet then that constant tugging up or down can be a bit frustrating.  Goggles don't sit in a straight line... the band typically wraps down toward the goggle loop on your helmet.  

Along that vein, you'll notice the straps are significantly different.   The Special is clearly designed to be worn with a helmet.  Not only is the strap wider, but it also has rubber bonded to the strap to prevent any slippage on the helmet while riding.   That combined with the loops, its safe to say that once they are comfortably fitted they won't be moving when you ride.

They both have a killer engraved adjustable bridge that stays locked in place when you have it fitted to your face and I would say it can accommodate the largest nose!

and they both have great venting.   There is a bit of a cosmetic difference which I can appreciate.   The Special has a small "fin" on the top.  I realize it's subtle, but i think it speaks to the craftsmanship that Davida takes to have a really special product.

Those are the differences.  If I were to sum it up I would say that If you are riding with a helmet the Davida Retro Special are the goggles you want.   If you aren't wearing a helmet I would say the Davida Standard would be more than enough.   The fit and placement on both leave you comfortable without your eyes feeling like they are in a vacuum. 

They are both badass optics and either will give you looks and work great (by design) with Davida's line of helmets.

On that note I'm off to get my Guzzi running...

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