Keep shinin' it... and keep shinin' it... shine it up real nice.

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After going through the electrical and finding it fairly intact I realized i needed a new ignition switch.   So I placed an order for that and a shop manual.   The bike was fairly disgusting when in came in so I spent the day after thanksgiving just ... well scrubbing the hell out of it with some steel wool and windex.   You can definitely judge me thats fine.   But I was absolutely shocked that it would turn out so well with some elbow grease.

So there you have it.  All of the chrome and steel shined up that well.  Which has me pretty excited about getting it back together. I am saving the rest of the body pictures for later.   I also worked a fair amount on the gas tank which had a fair amount of junk in it and typical "rustiness".    

It was a late night and I had a few cocktails when it dawned on me.   Call it genius... or call it stupid.. but it worked and I felt like a mastermind at the time.  I threw a box of screws in the tank.   I then wrapped the tank in a couple towels and taped it up loosely.  I took my now padded tank and wedged it in the dryer with a pillow and turned on the dryer without heat...  like a gigantic rock tumbler but the tank didn't move.  It simply sloshed those screws around for 30 minutes.   Out came the tank.. out came the screws... and out came the rust.   Perfect!

So... on to the starter... which seems to have issues


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