1981 Moto Guzzi G5 Strip Tease

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No time like the present to get to work...


Like I said in my previous post everything is in really good shape!  First off come the bags and seat.  I have to admit it's a struggle to not head in some cliche cafe direction when i see it like this. 

I wasn't lying about the mileage

in kilometers...

Also that shit HAS to be remounted.    I am not sure how a rider could see over it.   I imagine it like the x-wing fighter screen in star wars when they engage or perhaps that wonky Camaro Berlinetta console screen.   Anyway it screams 80's awkwardness and I LOVE IT!  but I also need to see the road.   So like all relationships we will compromise.

Next get the exhaust off because it needs a good cleaning

and finally the carbs..they are off and soaking as I type this.   yes please notice my drawing in the background.   The cards are unique in the way they are assembled and i am happy to post  diagram.   


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