1969 BSA Rocket 3 Rebuild

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As I mentioned in the "About Us" section... this really is an extension of what we already do.   We live in the space of vintage bikes.   I will try and regularly update this blog not only with projects, but also bikes that come in and out of the shop that may be interesting... or even products that we come across that we like. 

So I will kick this off with a 1969 BSA Rocket 3.  Some information from wikipedia


"The prototype triples had the "Triumph look", with a teardrop-shaped tank. BSA/Triumph then commissioned Ogle Design for a redesign, leading to an 18-month delay. The new motorcycle had a squarer fuel tank and a less-traditional look, with sloped cylinders and "ray-gun" silencers.

The Rocket 3/Trident was introduced in summer of 1968 to critical acclaim,[4] but was eclipsed four weeks later by the Honda CB750. Compared to the British triple, the CB750 had a five-speed gearbox, overhead camshaft, oil-tight engine, electric start and disc brakes. The Honda outsold the Triumph in the US market; in 1970, to revive sales Triumph restyled export versions with the "classic" look."

Due to the poor sales they later went back to the "classic look".  Why you would get rid of "ray-gun" silencers is anyones guess, but the exhaust looks like something Buck Rogers or Elroy Jetson played with.   It has about 6K original miles and looked like someone had started to restore it but eventually gave up.  

These pics show the stripped down bike on the lift.

The first thing I will do is go through the wiring harness and make sure the electrical is in good shape... constantly repeating in my head "positive ground... positive ground"  kinda like driving in the UK always saying "stay left! stay left!"   I have the original shop manuals and parts manuals so I will also post the wiring diagram in case anyone comes across this blog and needs a picture of it.


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